Ashavar's Legacy

Last update: March 25th, 2003
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Do you ever want to play dungeons and dragons, but don't have enough people?   Ever play Angband or Zork?   Do you miss computer games that take cleverness and creativity?  Want to cast a spell or wield a sword?

Connect to Ashavar's Legacy ( 2150). It's an on-line Multi User Dungeon that is friendly to newbies, while still being very fun for experienced MUD players.   You can have a medieval adventure with people across the world right now!

This MUD has a classless and raceless system, that allows a player to pick and choose skills and spells from all classes.  There are currently 91 original areas and 16 randomly generated quest areas with a total of 14400 rooms, 2400 mobiles, and 3000 objects.  We also have advanced features normally found in clients, player made equipment, built-in puzzles, and interactive mobiles.  It's on a fast server, in a good location, with a fast and reliable internet connection.

Cogline ( or